volunteer agreement 

As a volunteer:

1. I acknowledge that I may have access to confidential or proprietary information during the course of my work term. During and after my volunteer employment, I will hold all confidential information in trust and confidence, and I will not use, disclose, communicate or convey any such information, except as required in the performance of my role.

2. I will fulfill the Program Duties and Expectations listed on this contract.

Program Duties and Expectations

While participating in the program, I will:

  • respect and follow the supervision and direction of any personnel, employee, or volunteer, to whom I have been assigned to and to participate in any training required by the charity in order to perform the voluntary services.
  • Competently and efficiently carry out the duties and expectations assigned, and bring any problems or questions to my supervisor.
  • Represent Squamish Wind Festival in accordance with professional standards
  • Participate in further position-related training within the time commitment of the position
  • Observe workplace specific and procedural safety standards as outlined by my supervisor (if applicable)
  • Respect differences of gender, ethnic origin, race, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, and those with disabilities

I will arrive on time and fulfill the time commitment agreed upon. If I must cancel a shift, I will notify appropriate personnel as soon as I become aware of the conflict and make arrangements to re-schedule missed time.

I will not arrive for a shift under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug or substance.

I will not physically intervene in the event of a dangerous incident, but will remove myself safely from the situation and notify appropriate personnel and/or police immediately (call 911).

While on duty, I will not violate any federal or provincial laws, municipal by-laws.

I further understand that if I become responsible for injuries to third parties or damages to their property while acting outside the scope of my assigned volunteer duties, that I may be held personally liable for any monetary damages a court may award to the injured party.

It is further understood and agreed to that the services rendered to the Squamish Wind Festival shall apply only in the case of liability arising out of the ordinary negligence that occurs during the scope of the volunteer’s services agreed to herein, and that in no way do any of these provisions apply for the benefit of volunteer, his/her heirs, executors or administrators in any action arising out of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or any other conduct on the part of said volunteer, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability.

3. I understand that by committing to volunteering for the Squamish Arts Council's Squamish Wind Festival, I will be added to the Squamish Arts Council's Volunteer Roster and may receive periodic updates and call outs for special event volunteer opportunities.

I understand that failure to comply with the terms of this contract may result in the termination of my position as a volunteer. I also understand that the Volunteer Coordinator reserves the right to relieve me of my duties if I do not comply with the terms of this contract.

I also agree that the Squamish WIND Festival may photograph me and publish the photos supporting the Squamish WIND Festival as well as Squamish Arts Council programs and services. I am agreeing that the Squamish WIND Festival may use my name and photograph (or my child’s name and photograph) in all media and promotional purposes.

I hereby release and discharge the Squamish WIND Festival and its assignees and licenses from all claims, actions, damages, liability or expenses arising from the use of the rights granted to the Squamish WIND Festival in this agreement.