Amped in the park


We're looking for emerging performance artists to play on July 27th Squamish Wind Festival!

As part of the Amped in the Park Project, July 27th is all about young and new artists taking the stage. If you've never performed, would like to jam, rehearse, try some new content, or just get in front of a crowd for fun - please sign up!

Amped in the Park as part of the Squamish Wind Festival emerging artist night will provide artists with the sound and stage equipment. All artists need to do is show up, plug in, and play. 

When: Thursday, July 27th

Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM

Where: U Siyam Pavillion in Junction Park, Downtown Squamish

Deadline: July 26th

About Amped in the Park

Amped in the Park is a weekly summer performance series for young and emerging artists started by a group of Squamish youth. With help from the Squamish Arts Council and the District of Squamish to provide sound equipment to activate the U Siyam Pavillion this group is ready and looking for artists to take the stage this summer! Including as part of the 2017 Squamish Wind Festival's Emerging Artist series.

Amped in the Park is an opportunity for artists looking to perform for the first time, jam, rehearse, practice new music, or just get in front of a crowd. It also allows the youth managing the program to practice sounds and stage management. All performers are welcomed! Just plug in and play, dance, act.

Not just for musicians; we're looking for all performing artists! Whether you love poetry, comedy, spoken word, acting, we're looking for a diverse group of performers.

Amped in the Park runs every Thursday in July and August from 7-9pm at U Siyam Pavillion.

Click the button above to apply to play any Thursday night in July and August.