Whimsy's Jewels: Wonderful, Wearable, Whimsical... and Coming to Wind!


Wonderful, wearable, whimsical!

We’re talking about Whimsy’s Jewels, one of the incredible vendors coming to the Wind Festival’s Artisan Market. The Festival is quickly approaching— it’s only a month away— and we are buzzing with excitement. And rather than take some deep breaths and try to keep our cool, we’re just going to build that excitement even further by learning more about the incredible vendors, beautiful products, and awesome people that are going to make this year’s Wind Festival the best one yet.

And with that in mind, we spoke to Sasha, designer and founder of Whimsy's Jewels, to learn more about the jewelry, team, and story behind Whimsy’s!

What do you create and why you do it?


I started making jewelry 3 years ago when I couldn't seem to find the combination of affordable, long wear and creative jewelry. I started to create jewelry just for myself but soon, people were asking where they could buy some of my earrings or necklaces! Soon after that, I created Whimsy's Jewels - a jewelry company that seeks to provide everyday, affordable jewelry that fits every style and personality. It's a never ending mission and keeps us busy! 

What inspires your work?

One word: Customers. We would not be here without our customers! We send out surveys, do focus groups and really try to understand what they look for. Without our customers, we would be no where. 

Whimsy’s Jewels names its pieces after the customers that purchase them— so cool!— how did that come about and why did you decide to name your pieces that way?

When I started Whimsy's, I wanted to show our customers how important they are to our brand so I decided to start naming each piece after the first person who buys them. It has been amazing to hear about the stories tied to some of the names behind our pieces. It also keeps me motivated to continue to make new pieces so that new customers have a chance to have jewelry named after them. 

Tell us about your team! Who is behind Whimsy’s Jewels?

I am SO thankful the team that I have ! I couldn't do it without them! Our team consists of:

  • Sasha - I'm the designer and founder of Whimsy's Jewels

  • Jenna - She is our fabulous photographer 

  • Rebecca - Our Creative and Graphic Designer (our online store looks amazing)

  • Makaela - She represents Whimsy's at our Fort Langley Markets

  • Chelsea - She represents Whimsy's at our Fraser Valley Markets

  • Natasha - Is my mom :) and she comes with me to markets and gives stellar customer service! 

  • Ava - Helps me with packaging our jewellery (yes! We make, print and do all our own packaging too!)

  • Serene - Helps me with all the loose ends and she will visit our stores in the Abbotsford and Chilliwack area to make sure they are set for product! 

New Earring Packagin.jpg

What is one thing about Whimsy’s that people might not already know?

A lot of people ask us why we picked a hot air balloon as our logo. I used to business travel to New Mexico  and they love their hot air balloons! Every morning, I would wake up and see 7-10 hot air balloons in the sky. It always made me feel so excited and I often thought it was so whimsical - a hot air balloon is fun, nostalgic and extraordinary. I knew if I ever started a company, I would pick a hot air balloon as the logo! 

What at this year’s Wind Festival are you most excited about? 

We are so excited to be a part of the Wind Festival this year! It's our first market in Squamish which makes it extra special for us! We are pumped to meet new customers from the area and we are so excited to meet new vendors! 

We are so excited to have Whimsy’s Jewels as part of our Artisan Market at this year’s Wind Festival for the Arts. If you want to know more about the incredible vendors that will be at the Festival, check out the Vendor List and look out for more posts like this featuring these incredible artisans. And until then check out the full schedule, RSVP to our event page on Facebook, and stay whimsical!

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