Screen Printing: An Interview with Stewart Hughes, a.k.a MaryMary


The arts community in Squamish is ever changing, and we're excited to be a part of many evolutions in both the industries and in the artists themselves. Which makes us particularly excited to showcase one of our contributing artist for Wind Festival for the Arts, Stewart Hughes.

Stewart is a local artist turned entrepreneur, who is most famously known for his murals in Squamish under the moniker MaryMary. He's pivoted into screen printing, the art and business of printing beautiful designs on T-shirts and merchandise.

Stewart will be holding a workshop during the festival where he'll be screenprinting T-shirts with a beautiful Wind Festival print! Either bring your own T-shirt OR make a small donation to the Squamish Arts Council to purchase one on site.

To get a sneak peak, we sat down with Stewart to discuss the workshop, the design, and what Wind Fest means to him:

What about screen printing interests you?
I’ve always had an interest in printing techniques and the centuries of development
behind them. I’m attracted to screen printing in particular mainly because it’s so
versatile. It’s an industry that straddles business and creativity, which fits with where I’d
like to go with it.

What was your inspiration for the design?
I happened to see an art deco design somewhere and that led me look into examples of that
genre. The Wind Festival for the Arts was already using a somewhat art deco font and so, from there I used art deco and it’s motifs as a brief and came up with a design constrained by those ideas.

What will the workshop be like? Give us a sneak peek!
Well, I’ll have a press that I built myself from plans by Andy MacDougall and I have two
versions of the same design to print- one a black outline, designed for light shirts and
the other, a white fill for darker shirts. People will be able to see how the process of
printing happens and learn the basic theory of going from idea to final print.

What does the Wind Festival mean to you?
I’ve lived in Squamish for 14 years and the Wind fest is a great opportunity to engage
with our town and promote the arts, which perhaps don’t get enough limelight in our
rapidly changing town.

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