4 Local Authors to Check Out

British Columbia has a vast and deep history, crafted from the adventures of our many brilliant locals and Canadians at large. And the best way to capture this history? Read about it of course!

Here are some of our favourite locally-based authors and where to find their books:



Pat Ardley

This West Vancouver author took readers by storm with her retelling of her adventures in B.C wilderness when she moved to the West Coast at age 19. Her novel, Grizzlies, Gales and Giant Salmon: Life at a Rivers Inlet Fishing Lodge is nothing short of an ode to the magnificent wild beauty of British Columbia.

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Pauline Le Bel

Le Bel is even more local, as a resident of Howe Sound and author of Whale in the Door: A Community Unites to Protect BC’s Howe Sound. Her book explores the effects of pulp mills, copper mines, and other businesses on the ecosystem around the Howe Sound and what is next step in protecting this wonderful place.

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Marianne Van Osch

Historian Van Osch tells the story of the Judson family settling in the Cariboo, which was recounted to her by Louis Judson, their son. The story is incredibly heartwarming and relatable while still showing the rich history of the sawmill industry in Canada.

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Iona Wishaw

Wishaw has began to really make a name for herself as she releases the 4th installment in her mystery series, It Begins in Betrayal. Iona gets her inspiration from her mother and grandfather, who were both spies during their time and surely gives her the material she needs to write such gripping mystery novels.

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Who's your favourite local author? Let us know in the comments!