5 Top Instagram Spots on the Sea to Sky

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Sea to Sky Corridor or a newcomer to BC looking for some spectacular views, adventuring down this amazing highway is sure to snag you some of the most awe-inspiring Instagram pics around.

Here are just 5 of our favourite spots for your next Instagram photoshoot:

1. Porteau Cove

Anyone who’s made the trek to Whistler more than a couple times has stopped at Porteau Cove for a break to stretch their legs. Not only is it a good pitstop for a bathroom break, it’s also the sight of some pretty crazy views. With the stretching ocean and mountain backing, it’s a surefire way to grab your next profile picture. What’s better? You can actually camp at Porteau Cove as well and get the real experience amidst this spectacular backdrop.



2. Junction Park

We can’t finish this list without talking about the amazing venue for the Wind Festival for the Arts 2018. That’s right - we’re talking about the towering Chief that sits behind Junction Park in downtown Squamish. Just steps away from the mountain view you will also find the “THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY” sign that you may have seen before while scrolling through your feed. What you may not know is that this sign was designed by local artist, Kristin McIver, which has strong ties to the Squamish Nation.

3. Brandywine Falls

You may have seen signs for this roadside hike on your way between Squamish and Whistler. Though you may want to avoid this in the mid-summer when the parking lot fills up and the path is overcrowded, it’s just as nice in the shoulder season for some gorgeous pictures with the roaring falls. But don’t be one of those Instagrammers that goes out of the bounds - Brandywine Falls is a delicate place, so stay on the path and you’ll still get those awesome shots while respecting the environment.


4. Green Lake

Joffre Lake has become the most popular of the Instagram community’s destinations on the Sea to Sky, but just like Brandywine, it’s suffered from overcrowding and it’s affecting the environment around it. What can you do to help? Give some of the other lakes some love! Green Lake has some of the clearest, bluest water you’ll see and can even be kayaked/canoed to from Alta Lake making for an unreal adventure (and Instagram Story).

5. Tunnel Bluffs

All the way near Lions Bay towards West Vancouver you’ll find this spectacular hike. It’s worth the four and a half hour hike to get to though, because the views will blow your mind. It’s also only 40 minutes from Vancouver by car, so it’s the most accessible on our list! Bring a snack (don’t leave any litter though!) and enjoy a peaceful picnic while you overlook the water.


What’s your favourite spot on the Sea to Sky for a photo? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to come by the Wind Festival for the Arts in Junction Park for some incredible Instagram shots on July 26th - 28th.