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Interview with Sarah Symes

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The Wind Festival is coming up quick (only two more months!) and we're excited to see all the developments that are already under way. One of the coolest so far? You guessed it: our brand new street banners! This year we collaborated with local artist Sarah Symes to create inspiring and eye-catching banners for our downtown streets.

Our major request was to ensure that whatever design we created would seamlessly blend with the existing banners and just add a touch of unique style. This, we feel, really represents how integrated the festival really is with our community.

But why hear it from us when you can hear it from the artist herself? We sat down with Sarah to get the inside scoop on what the design behind the banners means to her.


What was your inspiration for the designs?

"The new design is inspired by the flow and movement of the wind as it swirls like a wave. I abstracted and fractured the shapes keeping with the style of the other three banners featuring local landscapes. I chose a palette of blues and purples to conjure ideas and memories and of a stormy sky or powerful ocean."

What’s special about this design in relation to the Wind Festival?

"The arts council asked me to come up with something that celebrates the Wind Festival but also encompasses local art, so I created 2 versions of the abstracted wave design: One with simple solid shapes as seen on the street banners and a second version which includes the works of 15 other artists to be exhibited during the festival."

What does the Wind Festival mean to you? Why are arts festivals so important?

"The Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts is an important event as it celebrates the artists in our community at all levels of ability. Art in all its forms has the power to change perceptions and inspire others. True art comes from a place of vision and connection and I believe we can grow as individuals and as a community by supporting our most talented artists to lead the way."


As she mentioned, Sarah also designed an alternative piece in collaboration with 15 local artists which we will be featuring at the Wind Festival in July. The piece really brings together the collaborative and community-focused nature of Squamish - it is truly a celebration of our town.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out the banners downtown and come see the alternative piece in action at the Festival! Tag us in your pictures with @squamishwind and #swfta18.

If you want to know more about the talented Sarah Symes, check out her work at

What do you think about the design? Let us know in the comments!

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