interview with Parker Lawrence Carruthers

The Squamish Wind Festival caught up with visual artist Parker Lawrence Carruthers an employee at Tourism Squamish and a student at Quest University Canada to talk all things art. Check it out below!


Wind Fest: What do you like about art?

Parker: What I like about art, or at least visual media, is the constant evolution of the medium. It is fascinating to see design trends come into style, and to then see them used in everything from gallery exhibitions to advertising campaigns and promotional materials. 

WF: Why is it important?

P: Maybe it's cliche, but producing art allows the maker to express themselves however they want. When you're producing media or making art, you are making a statement about something. The piece tells the viewer a little bit about how you see the world, and I think that is powerful.

WF: What type of arts and culture do you want to see in Squamish?

P: First of all, it's been really exciting to see how much the arts scene in town has grown even in the four years I've been here. Brackendale art shows and live performances are ongoing throughout the year, and Dancing Bear Music Festival has improved and expanded every year that I've attended it. With that said, there is room for improvement. I would love to see more public art installations. "This Beautiful Day", by Kristin McIver, has become and piece synonymous with Downtown Squamish. I would love to see more work like that. 

WF: Where do you see arts & culture in Squamish 10 years from now?

P: Booming. I think Squamish is fostering creativity in the type of people that it is attracting to move to the area. The Brackendale Art Gallery is doing a great job of fostering and promoting that creativity, and the Squamish Arts Council seems poised to make a positive impact for years to come. 

WF: If you could do one art discipline what would it be?

P: I've always been frustrated by how bad my doodling is. If I could actually illustrate or draw well, I would be stoked.

WF: What do you define/think of art as? 

P: That's a tough question. At its core, I think it is creative expression through a visual or auditory medium.

WF: Can art be adventurous?

P: Absolutely. Moreover, I think it should be. It is those who push the boundaries of what art is or what art should be that end up being remembered. 

WF: What is your favourite moment that involves art/culture?

P: It's hard to pick just one. The Superflat x Juxtapose exhibition put on by the Vancouver Art Gallery earlier this year was certainly a standout though. I'm a huge Murakami fan.

WF: Favourite childhood memory interacting with arts and culture?

P: I always look back fondly on my childhood piano lessons. At times I resented my mom for making me stick with it, but looking back now I wish I had continued practicing. 


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