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Art comes in all forms and is not limited to just the traditional mediums we commonly associate with art. We caught up with Hugo Jackson, the head of landscaping and gardening with Coast Aggregates a Squamish Wind Festival sponsor to give us some insight into the art of landscaping. Landscaping is often overlooked as an art form but we like to think otherwise!



1. Wind Festival: When did you start working for Coast Aggregates?

Hugo: November 2016

2. WF: Where are you from?

H: London, England

3. WF: How long have you been gardening/landscaping?

H: 22 years

4. WF: What do you like about landscaping/gardening?

H: I like working outdoors, building/creating something new with my hands.

5. WF: How do you express you creativity though gardening/landscaping?

H: I express my creativity in the garden via color, shape, placement, and plant selection.

6. WF: What type of arts and culture would you like to see in Squamish?

H: I would like to see more natural wood carvings and stone sculptures (more organic artwork). As for culture I would like to see more European food and wine.

7. WF: How do you see gardening/landscaping evolving?

H: Gardening is naturally evolving due to water droughts, meaning more drought tolerant plants are being used for summer gardening.  Food production is another area for home gardens that will take off as well as water harvesting in the wetter months in preparation for summer drought, meaning far less use for costly irrigation systems.  

8. WF: Do you consider landscaping/gardening an art form?

H: Garden design and topiary hedging is defiantly an art form, but garden maintenance is arguable.

9. WF: What is your favorite project you have worked on in the Sea to Sky corridor?

H: I have been lucky enough to have designed and installed multiple gardens in the sea to sky corridor, all of which I am proud of and enjoyed immensely.  

10. WF: If you could do one other art discipline what would it be?

H: I went to art school and studied fine art when I was younger,  so with that being said I would have to say painting!

11. WF: What is your favourite childhood memory of interacting with arts and culture.

H: Traveling the world for all the culture I have sucked in along the way.  For art, there has been many, many, many influential pieces, places and people I have seen but Salvador dalhi’s private house was so inspiring it has stuck with me most of my life.

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