FACTOR - The Heart of the Canadian Music Industry

Aside from the A-list musicians and bands you see inside Rolling Stone Magazine flying around in private jets and driving fancy cars, it can be difficult for musicians to find the funds for their records and tours. Luckily for Canadian artists, The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings was set up to help alleviate some of these financial struggles.  FACTOR is a private non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to the development of the Canadian music industry and performers nationwide. Based in Toronto, FACTOR has a full office with more than 20 employees that work tirelessly to help jump start Canadian musicians' careers and ensure the Canadian music industry thrives. Financial support from FACTOR gets distributed throughout the year to Canadian recording artists, songwriters, artist managers, record labels, music publishers, distributors, and event producers. The funds for the grants come from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada Music Fund, and from Canada’s private radio broadcasters

FACTOR funds all kinds of initiatives for Canadian artists and businesses from the production and licensing of sound recordings by Canadian artists and music companies to artist marketing and promotion, touring and showcasing, producing videos, and creating digital content. FACTOR is also a major supporter of regional music events nationwide including The Squamish Wind Festival. FACTOR's contribution to the Canadian Music Industry allows for musicians, companies and events like The Squamish Wind Festival to thrive. Without FACTOR's support, many musicians would not have the ability to help fund their own musical projects and tours that can help jump start their careers!

Next time you listen to a new Canadian record you just bought or an old favorite album of yours, take a look inside and see if you can spot the FACTOR logo somewhere, we bet you'll find it! We are very proud to have FACTOR on board as a partner for the 2017 Wind Festival and can not thank them enough for their support. 

Are you a Canadian musician looking to take advantage of this AMAZING funding opportunity put forth by FACTOR? Check out www.factor.ca for more details! 

Don't miss out on the Squamish Wind Festival running from July 27th to 29th in Junction Park.


cydney lyons